The Pactice of Management

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The practice of management is very ancient, however the formal study of management is comparatively new. Management as a proper discipline developed after the tip of the nineteenth century. Nevertheless it should be admitted that management has been in existence since humankind became systematized into formal groups. It is very difficult to come up with a definition of management which could totally satisfy all professionals or skilled people or all management theorists. For a broad operating definition consider management as an activity that performs certain functions to obtain the effective acquisition, allocation, and utilization of human efforts and physical resources to accomplish some goal (Wren 2005, p. 3). Modern management has grown with the growth of social-economics and scientific institution. Nowadays workers do not work only for money. They work for satisfaction and happiness with sensible living style. These are the most vital issues now. Modern management explanation (of why something works or happens the way it does) refers to highlighting the use of well-thought-out mathematical ways of doing things within the system with analyzing and understanding the inter-relationship of management and staff. Organizational efficiency and service quality can be increased through the implication of management theories. Today managers simply do not use a singular theory, infect they use a series of theories depending on the workplace, purpose and workforce. Still, few
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