The Pain At The Hospital

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The pain in my side was excruciating! I had never felt a pain like this before; it would come and go in waves like something was squeezing at some unknown organ. This had happened twice before, but the pain had never been as unbearable as this third time. Because of the severity of this “attack,” I finally decided to go see a professional. We first visited a small clinic, but they were not able to assist me because they did not have any machines needed for deep body scans. The staff suggested that we go to the emergency room. When we arrived at the hospital, it did not take long before I was admitted and taken back to a room. Very soon afterward, I met my primary nurse, who was not very compassionate, and she took some notes of my…show more content…
Though I was not fully aware of things, I was aware of the doctor and the nurse kicking many of my family members out of the room so that they could ask me some “personal” questions. After asking many questions (about things that he did not need to know) about my personal business, he finally gave up his belief that I was pregnant, and moved on the more likely idea that I had a kidney stone. The long wait had finally paid off. Soon afterwards, two radiology techs came to my room, and brought me to have a CT scan done. By this time, I had begun to tremble uncontrollably, and for the CT scan I had to lay down on a freezing table while the machine passed over me. This did not take long, and I was soon wheeled back to my room. But before I had been pushed out of the room, one the techs gave me a blanket to put over the thin sheet I had been using. This was the one act of kindness that was shown to me during my hospital experience. Hour after painful hour ticked by as we waited to hear back from the doctor about the test. I could not help but to cry. I was in pain, I was cold, I was hungry, and it seemed that these people were the exact opposite of urgency. I realized that it was an emergency room, and the nurses had to also look after other people who were severely injured. But I could not help but question, “How long does it take to read
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