The Pain Of A Physician Assistant

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Terrified was an understatement. “Surgery….surgery…surgery…” was the only word that I heard echoed through the room , and suddenly images of knifes and flesh being cut invaded my ten years old mind. Peritonitis, was what I had, “unfortunately” I thought then, yet “fortunately” I know now. My calling in life was then discovered and for that I will be forever grateful. Petrified and alone, I was yearning for someone to understand my fear and explain what is about to happen to me; to clarify what the doctors said. That 's when a Physician Assistant walked in and changed my life forever. I will always remember Julie 's smile and reassuring voice which filled me with a sense of calm and genuine comfort. She was carrying a doll and highlighted what my surgery was all about. As I lay in bed recovering after surgery, I decided that one day I will be like Julie and I will help people feel secure and safe in the healthcare setting. “One more bite Ethan”, I said armed with a toy truck, as I was attempting to feed his frail, cold, and hairless little body who’s eyes were full of life. Ethan was my friend, I came to visit him every Friday hopefully at his home but commonly at the hospital. “It’s almost over Ethan, you will soon stop hurting my little sunshine” I said to him, as I hugged his skeletal body. He looked up to me and without a sound he made perfect sense. That Sunday morning will forever be inked in my heart, that was the last day I saw my four year old friend, but the
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