The Pain Of Knowing A Second Language

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The pain of knowing a second language

Knowing a second language isn’t always a wonderful thing. Though my parents had as a supreme goal of their lives to teach me a language that I will probably never use again, I never liked being seen as the guy who also speaks another language. I am not saying that knowing a second language doesn’t have its perks, but it’s all the other things that made me want to erase it from my brain forever. I never liked it and I found it totally painful every time when my parents used me as a portable translator, every time when I had to meet with my relatives during holidays who don’t know any English, and every time I found myself being around people that were speaking this language, and they were speaking it just to bash the people around them who were not understanding a single word.
Out of all the situations I can recall with me being used as a portable translator, grocery shopping with my mom it’s actually the worst. Everybody knows how parents are and how they like to study everything that they use to feed their children, but do I really have to translate every single word on the back of the label to make sure that I am not going to die from a food poison. Being real right now, I think that the huge “0% trans-fat, no food additives, no extra hormones” text on the product itself is enough. Then, there are those moments when my dad who knows the stuff, because he has already read it and understood it, insists anyways and makes me translate it
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