The Pain Of The Form-, Beloved, And Man 's Search For Meaning Essay

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Suffering —regardless of the form— has the ability to mentally and physically destroy an individual. One cannot measure the amount of pain an individual has sustained, but each person’s meaning of life can be easily observed. Despite death being the ending result of life, one can either dwell on this ending result or live in the here and now—making the best of every situation for a happier outcome. When asked by a doctor to describe the pain on a scale from one to ten, one individual may consider the loss of a loved one to be a ten, while an individual who has been deprived of food and shelter for many years may describe the pain as a five. This concludes that one person’s ten is no greater than another person’s one. Although each individual experiences different circumstances in a lifetime, one can only measure based off his or her most vulnerable moments. As described throughout the books Civilization and its Discontents, Beloved, and Man’s Search for Meaning, the only difference is an individual’s view on life—or what he or she wishes to gain from it. Sigmund Freud—the author of Civilization and its Discontents—explains that suffering can be the result of three main influences: one’s own body— a direct correlation of internal happiness, the external world— one’s surroundings and current state of being, and one’s relations to other men— which can be both hazardous or beneficial to life itself. Freedom exists in all three books as something that is hoped for by an
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