Essay on The Pain and Horros of The Concentration Camps

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"When I came to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age prisoners' homes, but instruments of terror"- Adolf Hitler. From getting to the concentration camps, life in the camp, and to the death process the prisoners of the concentration camps suffered not only physical excruciating pain and horror, but also mental traumatic experiences. The pain and horror of the concentration camps would never go away from the prisoner's mind; it was always there as a haunting memory of evil cruelty. Concentration camps displayed horrifying views of traumatic events that caused an examination of humans about how barbarous humans can be. "The concentration camps were built all across Europe. On January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler…show more content…
Meta Doran a Jew in the concentration camp described the process of getting in and to the camps stating: "They packed about one-hundred twenty of us into one cart. When they opened it up twenty to thirty of us had already died, and it was normally for two and a half to three days, but that was to bad they could care less. They didn't give us any fresh water or any thing to eat she said. All we had was murky water in a big bowl" (Meta Doran). "Right off the bat the prisoners were ordered to leave whatever they brought on the wagon there. They were ordered in lines to form the selection process. Then the Nazi's picked which ones went to the gas chamber and ones who lived for now. More than eighty percent of the prisoners were murdered right off the train. The selection process was very ruthless. Leaving the fourteen year olds and up considered fit for work and lived. Those children, elderly, and women with children were put in the gas chambers right away. They would also be considered by their health condition and their strength" (living conditions of the Holocaust). They then were stripped of their personal clothes and put into a shower to sanitize them to start the registration process. The prisoners were either sent to the right line where they went to the shower building, or the left line that went the gas chamber building. They would shave their heads first and then put them in the

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