The Pain of Silence

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“Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.” - Thomas Carlyle best stated when he saw that within society no one wants to judged or be seen different, so silence was the best cure for them; in bottling up their real thoughts and emotions provided them with safety. In Audre Lord "The Transformation of silence into Language and Action," Lord saw her life as a secluded darkness that she continued to endure just to escape the risks of being judged, misunderstood or even killed for speaking the truth. Audre’s stand on silence strongly reflects Alifat Rifaat writing "Another Evening at the Club" on how silence affects the relationship between a husband and wife and the servant girl that works in their home. Audre Lord …show more content…
As quoted from the text “We’d be the laughing stock of the town,” the husband valued his position and role in society to much to have it ruin by a servant girl who will make his wife look incompetent for wrongly accusing her. The husband’s chose silence to protect himself from the social life and people he called friends. He drove his wife home when he saw she got a little tipsy after drinking and encouraged her to tell his colleagues that her father was of high standing so that he may better rise and stay in his social class. The relationship between the husband and the wife are based on the plastic, yet perfect in a marriage, a respected, decision making, and supportive husband and a silent, dotting, beautiful wife. The roles of both the husband and the wife disconnects communication, and focus more on one’s “place” in a relationship. The wife explains her situation with her husband as being lucky; he is tall, handsome, and rich the wife felt satisfied for what was offered. “The gesture told her more eloquently than words that he was the man, she the women, he the one who carried the responsibilities, made the decisions, she the one whose role it was to be beautiful, happy, carefree,” she took her place as his wife, but he treats her as a child and he her father. The relationship is more on the level of class and how one is represented and seem by others, which leaves little room for anything else. The wife’s relationship

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