The Painful Journey Of Climbing Out Of Depression

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The painful journey of climbing out of depression was one that ultimately made me stronger. After experiencing two years of academic success, it made sense to expect junior year to be even better, but life unfortunately took a different turn. Since high school until when I took a leave of absence from college in 2013, my life had been under excruciating pressure. Pressure that originated through coming from an immigrant family, and understanding how much my parents had to sacrifice. There was a lot banking on me, my older siblings had struggled in college, which put even more emphasis on me as the next runner up. Being socioeconomically isolated, and lacking social capital, I had to figure out on my own, how to get into and survive the…show more content…
During my two quarters away from school, I suffered from depression, because I felt defeated. I felt like I let myself and my family down. My road to recovery was by first understanding the importance of a healthy and balance life. I used my break from school to build a new foundation, by seeking help and talking to mature people who have overcome similar difficulties. I began to develop a peace of mind, and joy that was independent of external circumstances. I that mental health is just as important as physical health, and that one’s body can benefit from a healthy and peaceful mind. I noticed that after the painful experience I became more sensitive to the suffering of others. I realized that life is not always smooth, and that there are other people going through difficulties like I was. Transitioning back to school was another challenge that I was ready to overcome. After being away for two quarters, I had to learn new ways to study efficiently. This process came with a few setbacks as I failed two courses during the transition period. I fully embrace everything that I went through, and even till today I try to encourage people with my story. This experience changed me internally. I became stronger, wiser, and more empathetic. I strongly believe that having gone through such experience has made me undeniably stronger and better prepared, thus I am extremely confident that I will be better able to
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