The Painful Journey Of Climbing Out Of Depression

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The painful journey of climbing out of depression was one that ultimately made me stronger. After experiencing two years of academic success, it made sense to expect junior year to be even better, but life unfortunately took a different turn. Since high school until when I took a leave of absence from college in 2013, my life had been under excruciating pressure. Pressure that originated through coming from an immigrant family, and understanding how much my parents had to sacrifice. There was a lot banking on me, my older siblings had struggled in college, which put even more emphasis on me as the next runner up. Being socioeconomically isolated, and lacking social capital, I had to figure out on my own, how to get into and survive the rigors of college. It felt like carrying a heavy load on a lonely journey. My family had no idea what I was going through, and quite frankly nobody knew, I didn’t have a support system to lean on or at least to express my concerns. It was inevitable that I would one day crumble, but to my surprise it came at the worst possible time. It came at a time when my future looked very bright, with multiple career paths to choose from. I had to leave school, because I was physically and mentally exhausted. The fire that once drove me had quenched. I felt trapped in a maze, with no one to ask for help. My focus, determination and happiness were gone. The pressure had torn me apart, and things I once enjoyed doing felt like an unbearable burden. I…
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