The Paint and Varnishes Industry in India

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The Paint and Varnishes Industry
With a turnover of Rs. 8,970 Crores (FY 12-13), Asia Paints Ltd is India’s largest and Asia’s third largest company. The Company functions in 20 countries and has 28 manufacturing amenities across the world serving customers from almost 65 countries. It kicked off focusing on providing quality products in the economy ranges, but gradually changed its strategy into providing good quality and branded products to the upper end of the decorative paints market, establishing active presence in the retail and making a foray into t he business of Industrial coating.
The Indian Paint Industry
In volume terms and in value terms, India paint industry is estimated to be at ~8.2 lakh tones and ~ Rs 17,000 crore respectively. The industry is being dominated by many organised players, who shares all put together will amount to an estimate of ~Rs11000 crore or 65% of the paint market.
The industry is segmented into decorative and industrial paints. This Segmentation is based on the type of Use. While the decorative paints have a lion’s share with almost 70% of the entire industry, the industrial paints segment covers only the remaining part of the market. When this is the case of India, the global side is just the opposite giving the industrial paint manufacturers enormous growth opportunities.
Due to the less intensive use of technology, unorganised players are more active in the decorative paints segment. This is also one of the reasons why this
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