The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski

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In the Painted Bird, the parent’s of a young, six-year-old boy made the decision to send their son to a small town in Poland in order to hide him from the Nazis. During the novel the boy is forced to flee from many different situations he is forced into due to death and oppression. Through his journey, this young boy was abused and unnoticed, eventually turning him into a totally different person. This boy is an outlier in every town he comes into contact with because of his appearance (Kosinki, 1). The locals of the towns that he comes into contact with during his journey see him as a gypsy or Jew. During this time people were persecuted if they were not blonde hair, blue-eyed, and fair skinned. The Painted Bird is a novel that speaks of the troubles that these people went through just because they were different. The narrative helps show that diversity is a good thing and is needed for a society to function properly. The impact this war and violence had on the society caused people to be shameful of humanity because of the unlimited cruelty that took place during this time period. The unlimited cruelty that was placed upon the people in Eastern Europe showed that these people were seen as smaller, powerless human beings. For example, in the first chapter of the novel there is a scene in which “a powerful bird with a sharp hooked beak pinned the pigeon to the ground and struck at him” (Kosinki, 6). This symbolizes all the victims of the Holocaust. The Nazis saw themselves
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