The Painted Veil

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This is a story of a woman who suffers a lot in her life trying to find her way to peace.Her name is Kitty Fane.The main characters of the book are Kitty an Walter Fane.They are married.Tuis is how their story started.Kitty 's mother was hard,cruel,managing,ambitious,parsimonious,stupid woman.She married her husband because he seemend then a yong man of promise and her father said he would go far ,but he didn 't. He was industrious and capable ,but he didn 't have the will to advance himself. Mrs.Garstin despised him,but she recognized that she could only achieve success through him,and she set herself to drive him on the way she desired to go. She tried to cultivate people, who might be useful to her husband.She nagged him without…show more content…
As for Walter ,he knows that Kitty is unfaithful to him.He saw her and Charlie in his house .But he is the type of man,who can 't bear scenes and who has enough sense to know that there is nothing to be gained by making a scandal.So he just tells his wife that he knows everything ,and Kitty does not deny anything,she says she loves Charlie.Walter had the following plan.He told Kitty that he was going to Mei-Tan-Fu,the place ,where the worst epidemic of cholera was,to take a position of missionary doctor,who had died.As fo Kitty she had a chance to go with Walter,or to divorce him,but on one condition,
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