The Pakenham Reflection : I Shall Never Forget That Day

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The Pakenham Reflection I shall never forget that day. The fire in the hearth crackled as I sat upon a chair in my chambers, peering out a window to the cobblestone streets below, lit by an afternoon sun. I have had many days much like that one—dreary days filled with hours of nothing but pondering. After the end of the war, I had quite a lot of time to myself, a thing that aroused suspicion in the minds of certain citizens; when I roamed the streets of the town, I often heard people chattering to themselves about my accomplishments in the war like hens clucking in their nest. A retired military commander such as myself, surprisingly, is oftentimes not given the respect he deserves upon returning to society. There were those in town who…show more content…
Ordinarily, I would have tossed the curious correspondence into the hearth and paid no further mind to it; on that day, however, I suppose something extraordinary moved me to keep the ominous letter clutched close to my chest as though I were cradling a child, all the while wondering to myself, “Who is this Pakenham character? Why does he seek me out so suddenly? For what reason does he write with such grief-stricken pain?” It was not until later that I found the true answer to those questions. When I saw through my chamber window the sun finally dipping below the horizon, I lifted myself from my chair and tucked the worn paper into my coat pocket, preparing to face the cold chill of the Autumn night and its icy frost. I hesitated at the door for a short moment before leaving, still filled with some slight trepidation at the thought of meeting this Pakenham character; it took a fair amount of self-reassurance before I finally opened the door, stepping out of my quaint estate. Wanting to remain faithful to my mysterious appointment, I took numerous shortcuts across gloomy alleyways, silently stepping along the slippery cobblestones. With every step I took, the landscape around me turned more desolate. Buildings, streets, trees...everything took on a dark character that threateningly stared at me as I travelled out of town.
As I walked further, my travels began to take their toll on my aged body. A gnawing headache began to take hold, and the walls of the

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