The Palestine Of The Ottoman Empire

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Since the end of Hitler’s Regime in Germany, many Jews have felt displaced and felt like they had lost all of their pride and dignity. The British who had control over Palestine from the fall of the Ottoman Empire had declared in 1947 that the land of Palestine would be established as the national home of the Jews. The Jews who had stayed in Palestine had halfheartedly accepted the terms even though it had meant that they would not be given the whole of the land as a state for the Jews. Which had then led to many clashes between Jews, who had lived there and those who had emigrated, and the Palestinian Arabs, who had roots from the beginning of the Ottoman Empire.
Since the end of World War II, the state of affairs between the Arabs and Israelis have been a topic of discussions for many fields of study. In 1947, the state of Israel was created by the means of a Partition Plan created by the UN Security Council that had given three zones, each to both the Palestinians and Israelis but has since then led to many conflicts throughout the years. Conflicts that not only include the history of the land, but of who has the right to settle on the land where the three Abrahamic religions, all share history.1 While many of the Arab nations did not fully accept the agreements of the creation of the state of Israel, it was the Jew who settled on that land that were the least satisfied due to losing the full rights to the ‘promise land’. It was through that dissatisfaction that many Jews
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