The Palestinian And Palestinian State

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How did the viewpoints of several powerful governments determine the ongoing effects of the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict? That is the question this essay tries to answer, discovering the facts within the origins of the land which holds the Israeli and Palestinian state. Examining the first known palestinian and Jewish settlements (1882) will give a better understanding as to why they are the way they are, including the spread of Zionism. In this essay, there will be an unbiased approach towards the actions/ reactions of these tense regions. Covering the everlasting issues of: yielding palestinian refugees, border regulation, global recognition Since the region is so rich with it’s cultural and religious reputation, violence has been extremely evident on both sides. This has lead up to numerous international conferences dealing with historic rights, security issues and human rights. The essay will explain the many attempts that have been made to develop a two state solution and any type of cooperation, involving the creation of an independent Palestinian state mutually sharing the region with the State of Israel. Since 2007, most Palestinians and Israelis have favored the idea of a two state solution. However, it will be seen that a mutual distrust and significant disagreements are too profound within the basic idea. Several UN proposals (1967) that were enacted have only made the situation more intense. These social and political issues occur when trying to reach mutual
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