The Palestinian Children And The Children

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It is not surprising that when we are introduced to the seven children in the film, their opinion reflects that of their respective government, parents, and what they see in their media. The two opinions are polarized, and the children are very affected by what they have heard from their side of the issue. Both sides have suffered, and each blames the other for the suffering incurred. They all have a difficult reality and can’t imagine a different course than the current one. The Palestinian children hate the Israelis, as they blame them for their current situation. They believe that the Israelis took their land and are frustrated that they are not free to move around inside of Israel as other Israeli Arabs are. They have a fear and hatred for the Israeli soldiers, yet they are willing to hurt them in any way. The Israeli children do not feel the Palestinian children will ever acknowledge their right to exist and live in their Jewish homeland. They are afraid to ride buses or partake in the day-to-day activities that we take for granted. For them, every situation is a possible threat, or a memory of an attack. Both sides did not display a great amount of hope for the future, which I found terribly sad. I do not feel that the filmmaker was trying to express an opinion; he was trying to portray how the children felt. It was the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from the perspective of the children. There was one effective and subtle theme that the filmmaker used successfully,

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