The Palestinian Conflict Of The Middle East

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The creation of two sovereign states is the only possibility of a peaceful end to the conflict over historical Palestine in the Middle East. To achieve this, a third-party must offer enough incentive to both the Arabic and Jewish states and create a sovereign Palestinian state. This is not a very probable outcome, as the conflict is rooted in the peoples’ traditions and beliefs making it much harder to compromise. I predict this conflict will end in the overwhelming takeover of the Palestinian and Holy Land area by the militarily superior Israelites and the trampling of the Arab people.
Conflict over Palestine and the less well-defined, Holy Land, is deeply rooted in Middle Eastern society. Conflicting claims over the land have rocked Palestine and the surrounding states for many years. The two key actors in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict include the Jews and the Arabs. Outside actors who also have influence and interests over the area include Europe, America, and Egypt.
Jewish interest in the Palestinian territory is based either religiously or with the interest of creating a Jewish state. According to religious writings and tradition, the Holy Land was promised to the Jewish people. Groups who identify religiously do not necessarily support the creation of a Jewish state. Jews who do hold interest in the creation of a Jewish state are identified as Zionists. While today’s Zionists continue to call for an end of the diaspora of the Jewish…

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