The Palmer Shootings During The 1920s

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The Palmer Raids

In the 1920s, thousands of suspected radicals in thirty-three cities were arrested and charged with anarchy without evidence. The cause for their imprisonment happened to be an effect from the Palmer Raids. Numerous Americans felt the Palmer Raids were in relation to past disasters such as: the Red Scare, May Day, and the Bolshevik Revolution.
In June 1919, several cities were bombed. Including the home of Attorney General of the United States, A. Mitchell Palmer. The raids were conducted in the following cities: Cleveland, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Hartford, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Louisville, Milwaukee, Newark, Omaha, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland (Mass.), Syracuse, Toledo, and Trenton. Many believed the cause of the raids were because of the “Reds” (communist) tried to take over our government. “On December 31, 1919, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer stated: Any movement, however cloaked or dissembled, designed to undermine the government will be met with unflinching, persistent, aggressive warfare” (Cayton 1). The consequences Palmer promised surely were met. Thousands of suspects were charged with anarchy and most suspects happened to have been born overseas. Therefore, 2,635 aliens risked being deported because of possible false accusation. ‘“The object of the raids,’ Asst. General Garvan said,’ was to obtain for submission to the Department of Labor cases for deportation of a very large

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