The Pan African Significance Of The Obama Administration

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The Pan-African significance of the Obama administration, Obama the offspring of a Kenyan engulfed in a bi-racial reality (thus rendering him sensitive to multiculturalism) who fulfills the dream of an oppressed people, has been the perceived unification of both the African continent and the diaspora. However, the term Pan-Africanism comes to stir strong feedback because there is no consensual agreement on what it is. W.E.B. DuBois, in the 1930s, defined Pan-Africanism as a movement aimed at an intellectual understanding and cooperation among all groups of African descent in order to bring about "the industrial and spiritual emancipation of the Negro people."" Other definitions have come in the form of "self-government by African countries south of the Sahara," "the economic, social, and cultural development of the continent, the avoidance of conflict among African states, the promotion of African unity and influence in world affairs," and a personal favorite, "a struggle in which Africans and others of African blood have been engaged since their contact with modern Europe." Although none of these definitions are entirely accurate they, together, frame my understanding of Pan-Africanism as a political movement and philosophical tradition founded on African pride, a consciousness of the past, and a desired unification of continental Africans and all who identify with the diaspora; seeing Africa (and its descendents) as one body even in the presence of differing people,

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