The Panama Canal

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Introduction The Panama Canal has become famous all over the world for being one of the most successful canals ever built, however, when it was first built many people thought that it was a mistake. During the building of the canal, there were many problems and scandals that had to be taken care of before the canal was up and running. Despite the problems during the construction of the canal, after construction the canal greatly aided the economic growth of the United States in the early twentieth century. In spite of the success of the canal and the seemingly positive impacts it had on the growth and development of the U.S., some historians still believe that the construction of the Panama Canal was not a good economic decision for the United States to make. The Panama Canal had a positive effect on the U.S. economy because of the time saved by traveling through the canal, the money saved from building the canal, and the growth of the U.S. economy as a whole as a result of the construction of the canal. Construction of the canal Leaders in both Central America and the U.S supported the building of the canal. Both the Nicaraguan and Costa Rican presidents were happy with the building of the Panama Canal. These leaders thought that the canal would help bring economic prosperity to Central America, as well as the United States. This helped the U.S. get approval from most of Central America to start the construction of the canal. The New Panama Canal Company, the company that

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