The Pandemic Of 1918-1919 Impacted Places Throughout The World

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The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 impacted places throughout the world both negatively and positively. Often the reason for the major spread of pestilence was due to transportation of goods and people. This pandemic infected people worldwide, killing millions. Overall people responded to the pandemic in different ways through commitment to the task, consulting religion, avoiding contact with others, and the effort to raise public health awareness. People in all parts of the globe lent a hand and did both volunteering and increased work to aid those who were infected. Document 1 is a letter written from one friend to another, detailing what has occurred in this army base where this medical doctor is staying. The doctor explains the…show more content…
This would support the claim that during this time an abundant amount of work was needed to adequately protect and care for others. Documents 1, 2, 7, and 8 all tell of the additional work that was needed to provide sufficient care for the patients. When in a time of confusion and chaos, people often look to religion to explain the reasons to why this occurred. Document 4 is a report from a sanitary commissioner explaining why people in Madras, British India were opposed to seeking medical treatment. The people of this society believed that this epidemic was actually a visit from the Hindu goddess Amman, therefore they should not resort to medical treatment. These people used their religion to explain the phenomenon that was occurring. Document 5 is an editorial where the author explains why in a time of confusion where people normally congregate in churches seeking reassurance, the churches have been closed. These churches are closed to prevent the spread of influenza between those who are a part of the congregation. The author also wonders why people look for protection if they believe that God sent this disease into the world to create good. Document 8 tells of rumors that spread throughout the military base. People concluded that this epidemic was the end of the world, figuring that God must be tired of war and desired to cleanse the world from humans and their destruction. The author of document 5, an
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