The Pandinus Imperator a.k.a. Emperor Scorpion

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The Pandinus imperator, also known as the Emperor Scorpion or the Imperial Scorpion, is native to the hot, humid forests and savannas of Nigeria, Togo, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and the Congo Region. The Emperor Scorpion is the largest, but not the longest of all the scorpions8. They are also not as vicious as they look, they would rather flee than fight. However, if they are cornered they will turn aggressive and go to defensive position. Their venom is categorized as mild and is only as harmful as a bee sting, unless you are allergic. Their large pedipalps (pinchers) are strong enough to draw blood from a human. In this paper the topic that will be discussed is how human action can improve the terrestrial environment that is home to the Emperor Scorpion. Humans need to stop keeping them as pets, slow down deforestation, and plant more tress. The Emperor Scorpion belongs to the phylum Arthropoda, the name Arthropoda means jointed feet. An arthropod is an organism that has a hard exoskeleton made out of a hard substance called chitin. Its body is segmented and each part of its body has its own pair of legs, which are jointed, and it is also an invertebrate10. An invertebrate is an organism that lacks a vertebral column which is also called a backbone11. Every phylum of invertebrates has its own special characteristics, for example cnidarians, of the phylum Cnidaria, have special stinging organs called nematocysts. While invertebrates like echinoderms, of the phylum
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