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The Pangs of Love by Jane Gardam Jane Gardam has written many award winning books; her book "The Pangs of Love" is a collection of short stories depicting the differing relationships between men and women. Her readership is varied: as her literature is published not only in books but also in women's magazines. The two short stories "The First Adam" and "Stone Trees" depict best the differences in individual relationships. They both highlight love in different circumstances, also both are similarly tainted with a tinge of regret. "The First Adam" is written as an interior monologue; we are getting a snap shot of Bull's views on his life. It is written as a stream of consciousness; the…show more content…
Upon his early retirement, this belief is strengthened. There is no affection between Bull and Moira; he used work in the past as a channel for all his energies, sexual and emotional. He feels trapped: "Rat-trap wives" After a busy fulfilling working life, he is now faced with mundane, boring, normality; the gulf in their relationship is ever increasing. Therefore when Bull gets the opportunity to return to Drab for two years he does not hesitate. Bulls attitude to work is that of love; he describes work as: "My tender mistress." Gardam is personifying Bull's work, giving it the quality of a feeling, tenderness. However, there is also a pun on the word "tender" as it describes an application for a contract. Bull feels complete whilst he is working: in control. His work, unlike his wife needs him; he describes Moira: "She doesn't need me any more." He speaks of work with a passion he does not display to his wife; he also describes his accomplishments with an amount of pride; whereas when describing his wife there is only sadness and regret. There is the possibility that if they had been able to have children their relationship may have been more loving, and complete: "I'm not unhappy. No kids mind." Throughout he refers to work as his "mistress": a replacement for affection and

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