The Panorama Of A Lost Cause

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“The Panorama of a Lost Cause ” Through the eyes of Samuel Watkins, there are sights of horror, dismay, and affirmations for one’s beliefs. As sectional conflicts of the American Civil War, the views of death in common soldiers, are transforming Watkins’ accounts depict that most soldiers were prideful and willing to die for their side’s beliefs, however, at the end of the day these men are still dying. As the war grew on, so did the realizations of the horrors of battle. For the soldiers who were immersed with the realisms of battle day in and day out, there was a sense that death even more inevitable than ever before. It is clear from Watkin’s accounts that men were ready to die for their country on both sides, but especially the Confederates in the South. There was a belief in the rights of Southern states. Most of these men knew they would die in battle, and they were prepared to do so. One account of this is Watkins’ recollection of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. They were just beginning to fight on June 27th, and Watkins said, “We all knew it was but the dead calm that precedes the storm,” (Watkins, 130). He mentioned that during the nights you could hear the shrieks and screams of “poor fellows left on the field,” (Watkins, 131). Those screams of pain foreshadowed the official outcome for most soldiers. It was as if there was no chance they would survive the war. Even before the battles began, some men would just surrcumb to the fact that they weren 't
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