The Pantheon in Rome and the Candi Prambanan in Indonesia

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Around the world people have been known to dedicate themselves and their families to a certain type of religion or God. Practicing religion has been a major part of peoples’ daily rituals for centuries. Believing in a higher power than ones own takes full dedication to that certain religion or God(s). In order to give respect and be able to apply action into these beliefs it has became a tradition around the world to build a place of worship. These places of worship are referred to differently across the world depending on location and the religion being practiced. More specifically the Temple is a building that is devoted for worshiping but also is known to house a multitude of religions depending on its location. For example, the Romans have been known to house their Gods in Temples usually with a multitude of columns to incase a statue of a God or Gods. Similarly, the people of Indonesia have been building decorative Candi (Indonesian word for Temple) to praise and worship their Gods.4 For instance, the Romans constructed The Pantheon, dedicated to the Gods of Ancient Rome compared to Candi Prambanan built by the Indonesians in order to worship the concept of Trimurti. 3 The link between these two cultures can be seen in the way that both Romans and Indonesians worship their Gods in Temples with the use of separate sacred rooms and what these Temples represent for their culture, but are able to be separated by their choice of architectural form, style and use of

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