The Paper Is Centered On The Discussion Of The New Testament

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The paper is centered on the discussion of the New Testament Letter Structures, specifically the Epistles. Style, format, and authorship will be some of the main points of discussion. How is the reader to use this information to determine, not just who the author is, but to whom is the author speaking too? The letter or epistle, what unique style shows that the author is original or a pseudo author writing in the same style as the original author. Any similarities of the writing style and content and or context will also identify the author. The main style of writing that will be discussed, can be classified as the Hellenistic style that was prevalent during the time of Christ. This style consisted of three main structures,…show more content…
Reviewing Epistolary Literature, as it relates to the New Testament “consists of twenty-one writings that display the formal features of a letter to varying degrees, along with letters embedded within other books. Since this literature was written primarily during the first century C.E., it mirrors the formal features of Hellenistic epistolary writing. Letter writing in Hellenism followed a stereotypical form: The Epistles were generally written in the form of: 1) Opening or Prescript. This consists of three parts; the author’s name, the addressee’s name, and a greeting. 2) Body. The purpose of the letter is elaborated. 3) Closing. Usually consists of a final greeting. The letters expressed “a relationship of friendship between two parties and was to have a certain ‘presence’ about it, substituting for the actual presence of the writer. Thus, a person would write to someone as if he or she were present”. To see this format, the reader can review Philemon. The reader can see these points outlined. In Philemon: • Opening or Prescript v.1a – Paul prisoner of Christ Jesus & Timothy our brother. To Philemon, Apphia, Archippus, & house church. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ • Body v8-10- appeal on behalf of Onesimus • Conclusion: v22 – prepare a guest room. In this example, only three elements were pulled out to identify these three key elements. There are other elements within the text that are not pointed out at this
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