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In the novel The God of Small Things by Arudhati Roy a relationship between a family is shown and the painful past comes through several memories and the presence of the caste system in India is used to juxtapose right vs. wrong. A very powerful closeness is observed between the two main characters and through their relationship one of the main themes of love through obscurity is showcased by the symbolism and diction used by Roy. Several other themes are shown in the novel and highlight the journey the human soul goes through in such trauma and desperation. The bond that the twins share and the manner in which they relate to others directly portray how humans can communicate on a deeper level. The lack of
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They even sensed each other’s presence without words. “Chacko didn’t bother to wonder how she could possible have known that Estha was at the door. He was used to their sometimes strangeness” (Roy, 113). They are so close that they communicate without words. Sometimes, words are inadequate to express the overflow of emotions that accompanies the hurtful motions of life. The twins have found a way to show feeling without even talking and they are so in tune that they can understand each other through mere thoughts. A feeling of misunderstood, unexpressed torture is displayed through the unique method of communication the twins use to “talk”.

The rush of feeling that surges through a soul in times of trial is often not even fully understood by the person who is experiencing the pain. The presence of apathy and overcrowding of too many conflicting expressions is also shown through the twins. At opposite ends of the spectrum, when separated Rahel and Estha let the emotions take over in completely different ways. “Estha occupied very little space in the world…once the quietness arrived, it stayed and spread in Estha” (Roy, 13). Estha bottled up his feelings and buried them deep inside his fractured soul. The idea of sharing these memories and painful reminders with anyone but his soul mate upset him so badly he completely closed his entire being off to everyone
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