The Parable Of The Sower Essay

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In “The Parable of the Sower”, author Octavia Butler realistically describes the dystopia of the U.S that is currently ruled by poverty, crime, and chaos. Lauren, the main protagonist, evolves and goes on a physical and emotional journey to create her own beliefs and prepare for life behind the wall. Lauren lives in the community of Robledo that is guarded by a wall that is meant to protect them from crime although it often fails to do so. Being the daughter of a Baptist, Lauren is challenged to conform and participate in the religious passivity of the community. Not having enough water, food, and safety prevents and angers Lauren to try to address her problematic reality immediately. Through the eyes and actions of Lauren it is clear she…show more content…
Lauren had suggested the idea to her father but he dismissed it, she states “I didn’t push the idea as I should have”. (Butler pg.157) Lauren is capable and smart to help her community; however, she often quits and resigns to the power and influence of the community. She has the passion and tools to make a difference in her community but she foolishly desists. Regardless of her bright ideas Lauren often second guesses and undermines herself making her a hopeless quitter. Nevertheless, Lauren is also an admirable brave character who recognizes there is a problem and fearlessly decides to address it. Lauren confidently decides to share her ideas to her friend Joanne after she drew conclusions from her father’s books. Wishing to help the community Lauren risked a negative reaction from Joanne and disapproval of her father. Lauren bravely tries to explain and convince Joanne that they must take action she says, “We can stop denying reality or hoping it will go away by magic.” (Butler pg. 58) She shows her frustration on the dismay of the community that ignores and denies the problems present. Lauren understands that thief’s will continue to take away their resources and in the process, kill those who get in the way. Lauren strongly wishes that her community would take upon themselves to help each other she states, “Nothing is going to save us. If we don’t save ourselves, we’re dead.” (Butler pg.
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