The Parable Of The Sower

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The Parable of the Sower tells the story of several seeds, each of which had been placed into different conditions. The contrasting faith journeys of Nathan, Frank, and Ruth of the Drum family can each be connected to one such seed. Nathan, the seed in good soil, Frank, the seed in rocky places, and Ruth, the seed among the thorns, were all tested by tragedy. In his book Ordinary Grace, William Kent Krueger uses the response of each person to prove that although extent of faith can vary greatly among family members, shared hardships make room for God’s grace to work growth in each person’s relationship with Him. At the beginning of the novel Krueger makes it very apparent that each member of the Drum family is at an entirely different place in their faith journey. Nathan, the head of the family, is the epitome of Christian leaders. His faith has deep roots, cultivated by a past personal tragedy in the war that changed his career path from lawyer to pastor. He is the well-liked pastor of three congregations (46) and believes fervently in the power of prayer. Frank informs us very early in the novel that his “father would pray for a long time”, not for himself but on the behalf of others (15-16). Even when his close friend Emil attempts suicide, a tragedy that would send most people into a near panic, Nathan is able to respond rationally and assure Emil that “[He’ll] pray for [him]” (116). His calm response was no doubt thanks to his trust in God’s grace.
Frank’s faith, on…

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