The Parable Of The Sower

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The text of this paper will be taken from Matthew 13: 3- 23 . Let’s summarize the parable for a clear understanding for the reader. Jesus began to discuss His discourse of the parable of the sower who sows seeds on different ground for it to grow and produce. Jesus cites three examples how the seeds were sown in this parable and how the ground responded. According to Dr. James Gibson defined a parable as “to place beside.” Jesus often used parables to teach mysteries to His disciples and others. Dr. Gibson refers to the sowed ground as followed. He described the first seed as the wayside soil, and second unproductive soil, and finally the good ground soil.
Dr. Gibson stated that this parable was to “show the condition of the heart.”

The wayside soil in verse 4 did not fall on good ground and the birds came devoured it. The second type of soil was the unproductive soil in verses five, six and seven. Jesus called it “stony ground”. This seed also did not have good ground to grow and it was deep in the soil to handle the heat of the sun and died after. The next example Jesus described how the seed fell on good ground in verse 8 how the seed increased its production from 30, 60 and 100 fold. Jesus began to discuss the interpretation of the parable to His hearers. Jesus felt his hearers are not good listeners and did not understand His message. He described the wayside seed in verse 19 as saying that the evil one comes and steals the seed that was planted in the

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