The Parable Of The Talents

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The parable of the talents has a decent amount of debate in regards to the meaning. This parable is told by Jesus in Matthew 25: 14-30, to convey a moral lesson. Although many people have different beliefs, my opinion is that the parable represents opportunity, relationship, and the Kingdom of Heaven. Chapter 25 of Matthew is Jesus answering the disciple’s questions regarding “the destruction of the temple, the sign of his return, and the end of the age.” His answers are given to them in the three parables, all acknowledging Jesus coming back in the future. The parable of the talents is told during the Olivet discourse, given on the Mount of Olives. The discourse was an “extended teaching given by Jesus Christ. His subject [was] the end time.” Jesus is telling the parable to his disciples, before his upcoming resurrection. With that, it would make sense that Jesus has told these stories to the disciples so that when he is killed, his word and lessons continue. The parable of the talents is one parable within a series. It is important that while researching the parable of the talents, other parables are analyzed in Matthew as well. Many themes throughout Matthew are interconnected, especially the Kingdom of Heaven. The parable of the ten virgins precedes the parable of the talents. In this story, the wise virgins who bring extra oil for their lamps symbolize preparedness for Jesus’ return. After the parable of the talents, the story of the separation of the goats and
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