The Paradox Of Nursing Regulation

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Introduction This article give me a better understanding about a nursing degree. As I was reading the Paradox of Nursing Regulation article I realized why is it so important for an individual to practice Nursing with a license and without a license. In this essay I am going to summarize the article by talking about the history of nursing licensure, the nursing practice act, some of the recommendations, and some of my suggestions for the problems. The history if Nursing Licensure From my understanding of the article a nurse should practice within the training that they have . A nurse should never jump into conclusion without the proper education. To begin with, according to the AAM website “Prior to the Nightingale era, no credentials were available to nurses. The first true nursing credential was a certificate of completion issued to nursing graduates. In the late 19th century, nursing education varied widely in quality and length. Programs varied from six weeks to three years and included as little education as on the job training to extensive apprenticeships. Nursing leaders became united in the belief that a more uniform education and credentialing system was necessary so that nursing was seen as accountable to the general public ( Tthe history of nursing practice is something I think everyone who is interesting on becoming a nurse should take sometimes to do some research on. According to the article the history of nursing licensure

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