The Paradox Of Sustainable Development

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The Paradox of Sustainable Development in Southern Bahia
While driving through the Atlantic Forest in Bahia, everywhere one looked it was green. I could not get over how much green there was. Unfortunately, only 7% of the original forest here remains today (Hance). The rapid growth of the cocoa economy combined with unsustainable practices led to this rapid decline. Agriculture still plays a major role in this region and will continue to impact the Atlantic Forest ecosystem unless more sustainable measures are put into place. There are numerous groups responsible for the direction of development in this region; however, a special emphasis needs to be placed on the role of social divisions and inequality. Presently and into the future, social classes will have an important role in the success or failure of sustainable development in the Atlantic Forest region. To comprehend why, sustainable development must be defined and then evaluated in the context of agriculture and land distribution.
In order to understand how social classes can affect sustainable development, the term sustainable development must first be defined. The most widely accepted definition was created by the United Nations’ World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987. This commission, also known as the Brundtland Commission, focused on combining two concepts that previously were seen as contradictory ideas: the environment and development. In their report, Our Common Future, they concluded that
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