The Paradox of Choice

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It all comes down to one question. Is it better when you have more choices or when you have fewer choices? Most people would answer more choices as they would feel less limited because it is common to associate having more choices with having more freedom and having more freedom with having more welfare. In fact, this is not always correct as you may not have enough knowledge to know which may be the most beneficial to you in the long run. This is turn relates to what is best known as the paradox of choice because we may think we have more but in reality we have less and find ourselves in a far more complex situation. The paradox of choice explains in depth how certain individuals and societies are affected when the matter of choice comes…show more content…
Medical centres are now much more helpful than before by offering many solutions to individuals (Gillespie). This is actually seen as an advantage to patients because they will have more awareness in terms of how serious their illness is and doctors are now able to list many more treatment options to patients than before giving patients the freedom to choose the treatment they want to undergo. In turn, most people don’t know what is best for them and they can end up choosing a certain type of treatment which can end up causing another sickness that can be fatal due to side effects (Iyengar). The advertisement of prescription medicines is also a great contribution to such a situation because individuals look at how good the advertisements look and assume that taking the certain prescription medicine being advertised will be the solution to their problem. This then causes doctors to be persuaded into writing prescriptions for their patients to have their desired medicines. Yet again this is another example of freedom of choice which is what people want because they will feel even better by being able to choose what medicine to take. As a result, some individuals can actually be lucky and successfully treat themselves but many end up aggravating their health by trying medicines that can cause a negative response on their bodies. In the modern world, people now have the flexibility to work whenever they want and in almost any location (Salecl). This is a big
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