The Parallels Between Animal Farm and Soviet History Essay example

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The Parallels Between Animal Farm and Soviet History

Prior to writing Animal Farm, George Orwell had stated: "History consists of a series of swindles, in which the masses are first lured into revolt by the promise of Utopia, and then, when they have done their job, enslaved over again as new masters" Together this statement and Soviet History provided a basis for a political allegory which is depicted through Animals and tells of the tribulations which surround certain political ideals. In many ways, the story parallels to an era of soviet history from the revolution in 1917 to the Teheran
Conference in 1943.

When many critiques review this book they fail to realize how each significant detail parallels to an entity in
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This is in fact a witty and ironic example of 'specious Marxist polemics': "A Bird's
Wings, Comrades is an organ or propulsion and not manipulation, It should there be regarded as a leg."(pg 31, Orwell) As the animals had their anthem known as the beast of England, the communist also had an anthem known as L'internationale (1848). The Animal anthem actually paraphrases several components of the L'internationale.

In this magnificent fable, there lie many small similarities between
Russian history and the Animal farm. In the prologue to Animal Farm
George Orwell puts in writing: "Although various episodes are taken from the actual history of the Russian Revolution, they are dealt with schematically and their chronological order is changed." As there are countless similarities a few significant ones are:

"the human beings are the capitalists, the animals are communists, the wild creatures who could not be tamed and 'continued to behave very much as before' are the muzhiks or peasants, the pigs are the
Bolsheviks, The Rebellion is the October Rebellion, the neighbouring farmers are the western armies who attempted to support the Czarists against the Reds, the wave of rebelliousness that ran through the countryside afterward, is the abortive revolutions in Hungary and
Germany in 1919 and 1923; the hoof and horn is the hammer and sickle, the Spontaneous Demonstration is the May Day celebration, the Order of the Green

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