The Parent Education Class : A Voluntary Program For The Parents

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The parent education class that I would create for first time parents would be a voluntary program for the parents. However if the parents do take the class they receive a certificate which allows them to receive a tax break each year. If the class is not taken, the parents get a considerably reduction to their child deductions. The class would be held at the hospitals that the parents expect to deliver, and will be offered once a week for two hours at either a day or night class. At each meeting there will be one unit the will cover some of the topics of parenting. In all, there will be three units that the parents will need to attend. The parents can start attending after the first trimester of pregnancy. This will allow parents to have the rest of the pregnancy to go to classes that they might have missed due to other appointments. The class will have two times in the day that the parents can attend, midday and at night. This should also help accommodate the parents. The primary goal is to be able to reach as many parents as possible that want to take the class. The three units would cover: transitions to parenthood, the pregnancy, childbirth, caring for infants, caring for toddlers, caring for preschool age children, caring for school age children, caring for adolescent children, and caring for young adult age. In the first unit, during the transitions to parenthood, pregnancy, and childbirth information that is to be taught, parents will learn how much a child will
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