The Parent Trap By Judith Warner Essay

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In the article "The Parent Trap" by Judith Warner, it can be seen that, although a women 's life should inevitably change when she becomes a mother, there are still some similarities to a mother nowadays and a mother from the 1950s. Mothers everywhere are changing their whole life around just for the simple reason of becoming a mother. Society should not force women to think that this way of living is acceptable, but unfortunately, society has forced us to believe that these lifestyles are acceptable to throw upon many mothers. These situations are causing mothers to drop their jobs and their dreams. It forces mothers to see life as something that it truly is not. This form of lifestyle is shaping mothers to become people that society sees as normal. Even if this style of life is not truthfully normal. Some of the things that are considered to be normal are the different tasks that women are expected to do every day. There are a few regular tasks that women are expected to do every day. These tasks could include loading the dishes in the dishwasher daily, washing the children every night, folding the laundry, and the list could go on. Even though many women work regular jobs themselves, they are obligated to complete these time-consuming tasks as if they had enough time to do so. Most women think this way because it is society that is suffocating their own inner personalities, and forcing all mothers to believe that if they do not complete these tasks, they are failures

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