The Parent Trap Essay

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The Parent Trap is a film from 1998 that takes place in London, Napa (California) and Maine. First it begins in the Summer Camp in Maine, where two redheads Annie and Hallie coincidentally meet. In there they found out that they were twins and that the last 12 years they have lived apart, but not only from each other also from their parents. As well they decided to change places, so Hallie instead of going to Napa with his father, goes with her mom to London and Annie with his dad to Napa. After the unconventional plan of reunited their parents, they decided that they needed to know more about each other, so the plan could work. Eventually it was the end of the summer camp, so each sister went to their new home, but in the end their parents figure it out. The kids try to be subtle because only her mom knew about the switch. Finally, when they get reunited in a Hotel his dad knew about it in a very impressive moment because he was…show more content…
In the other part it also has plenty of fun moments. Hallie and Annie made an impressive role especially because it was the same person Lindsay Lohan acting for the two sisters. Because of this I think that this movie was a well-received film because it doesn’t matter that now days is old the kids still enjoyed watching it. In 1961 and 1986 was the first movie The Parent Trap, but in this movie the actress was Hayley Mills. This film has the same story of the one of Lindsay Lohan, but in this one the events change, it tells you about that two sisters were separated since birth, and one lived in Boston and the other one in California. In my opinion I think that both movies are good, but honestly, I´d rather watch the one of Lindsay Lohan. Supposing you never had watch neither of them the most probably is that you would watch the one that is more
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