The Parental Engagement : Iep Program, Implications And Recommendations

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Implications and Recommendations
After analysis on three themes related to the CLD parental engagement in IEP program, implications and recommendations are also discussed corresponding to those themes.
Theme 1 Knowledge of CLD Families
Families’ attitudes and understandings of children’s exceptionality. To increase the degree of participation, involvement, and engagement of CLD parents in special education and IEP, besides support from outside environment, the key point is the change of consciousness of each family. Understanding, accepting, respecting, and receiving help from special education positively and naturally should be achieved by CLD families with children identified formally as exceptional pupils.
Families from different cultures have different understandings and definitions of special education and IEP, policy makers could only make measures and changes after getting the full picture of parents’ understanding of their children’s disabilities as well special education. Communications should be implemented to each family, covering issues such as the condition of disabilities, school measures, and the degree and patterns of collaboration. Both macro and micro factors are involved in this issue, including the cultural sensitivity, plurality of values, and special communication skills.
Training sessions. After the support on the conscious level, practical training sessions should be provided for parents with language or cultural barriers. Possible problems in

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