The Parental Role Of Marriage And Family Marriage In Pakistan

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Marriage is a system of binding a man and woman together for the reproduction, care (physical/emotional), and socialization of offspring. Marriage is a social and legal contract between a couple and the state in which they reside that regulates their economic and sexual relationship. The separation rate has been on the rising in Pakistan all through the latest decade. In Lahore city, alone, more than 100 divisions are selected in family courts in a day. The partition rate is extending in the high society of society and in lower and regular workers. From February 2005 to January 2008 approximately 75, 000 partition cases had been selected. From February 2008 to May 2011, 1, 24141 detachment cases were enrolled. Around 2, 59064 separations have happened in the normal city over the span of the latest decade. In 2010, 40,410 separation cases were enrolled in the city's family courts and 13,500" divisions have been reported so far in 2011. Divorce is the most disliked permission by Allah. The Holy Prophet said: The worst of all permitted things is divorce. Several marriages end in the tragedy of divorce. Most couples entered into marriage unprepared. Their expectations are unrealistic, their roles are undeveloped, their responsibilities are unknown, and their goals are undetermined. They are naive and immature, and are without sufficient directions and dedication. They undertake the colossal task of erecting a thirty to forty year relationship without the proper tool of
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