The Parenting Style Of Total Sacrifice

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The Millennials are growing up entitled and narcissistic all because of their parents. Millennials are expecting to have high paying jobs right away, instead of working for promotions like their parents. Parents must take responsibility for their children’s upbringing. Somehow, a switch between the parenting style for Generation X changed for the Millennials. The parents of Generation X guide and watch over their children while still keeping their own personal lives, however, the parent of the Millennials’ are willing to give everything up for their children. These parents give their children everything that they ask for and the pampering of children has lead to a phenomenon of unmotivated, but still entitled children. Many parents gift new iPhones for their children even though it is not necessary. The parenting style of total sacrifice must be changed into a style that allows the children to grow and learn as a person, whether it is through failing or through conversation, otherwise children underestimate the value of work and sacrifice, children will be unmotivated, and they will not learn independence.
It is up to the parents to show their children how they should live life, but when material goods or money are simply given to the children, then they do not learn the meaning of anything. A son asks his father for $100 to buy the newest game and the father simply gives the money to the son. The son has no sense of the value of money or responsibility since money appears
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