The Parenting Styles Of The Children

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The parenting styles uninvolved and authoritative are very distinct styles, parents that are univolved are emotionally detached from their children. These parents don 't respond to the needs of their children, nor do they place any demands on them. In extreme cases, neglect is involved to the point of developmental disruption creating emotional and behavior problems in the children. uninvolved parents are often depressed, their feelings of sadness and withdrawn can be mild to severe, lasting a brief period of time or go on for many months or even years. This type of parenting is detrimental to the child 's developmental that will be evident in many , if not all aspects of his or her life.
In contrast to uninvolved, parents who use the authoritative style of parenting are responsive; however, are much more demanding of their children. Their expectations are higher, where as with uninvolved parents have little, if any expectations where their children are concern. Authoritative parents are accertive and expects their children to be as well, but not in an intrusive manner and expect their children to be socially responsible and self reliant. According to Beck ( 2012) the features of authoritative styles, parents are responsive, warm and are caring of their child 's needs. They allow their children to make decisions, they enforce demands with explanation , and engages with them, in joint discussion making when there is a disagreement. This style of child rearing “is the most
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