The Parenting Styles That Has Changed Your Life With New Challenges

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Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy and entering into your next chapter in life. Motherhood will changed every aspect of your life with new challenges and rewards every day. You may feel over whelmed right now with the lack of sleep and new responsibilities, but remember to cherish every moment with your child because the time flies. When asking my mother about the greatest moments of raising a child, her first responses included simple memories. For example, when I smiled at her one day revealing two baby teeth. Remember your friends and family will be a great support system, but always follow your instinct instead of following all their advice. Your new role will be overwhelming at time. Therefore, I have written a letter with helpful advice and guidance to assistance you along this new amazing journey.
When disciplining your child remember that the strongest influence on your parenting style is how your parents raised you (Brimhall, 2015). The three parenting styles that Barumrind discovered includes authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. These patterns parents display when raising their child can positively or negatively impact your child’s development. Parents who demonstrate authoritative parenting style are firm control on the child’s behaviors, but allow the child to develop autonomy. Unlike authoritative parenting style, authoritarian parenting style does not promote independency. Lastly, permissive parenting style is over indulgent with no…
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