The Paris Peace Conference Of 1919

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Owen McManus
Mrs. Shandera, Mrs. Swartz
English 11 Pd.8, AP History Pd.1
10 February 2017
Creating More Problems The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 opened on the 18th of January, with delegations from all over the world attending to lay claim to their desires, or gain reparations for their sacrifices throughout the greatest war the world had ever been subject to. The big four countries at the negotiating table were the British under Lloyd George, the French led by Georges Clemenceau, The Italians and their prime minister Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, and The United States of America under President Woodrow Wilson. Each group had their own ideas for a post-war world order, and their own tactics for reaching it. The actions of these victorious
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This leads to the British and French skirting around Wilson’s goals, meeting secretly to make decisions about the post-war world, and to further their own, often imperialistic, prerogatives.
The Treaty of Versailles agreed upon in 1919 set in motion events that would be direct causes of World War II. According to Robert Cowley, the treaty stripped Germany of many territories, including Eupen-Malmeacutedy, given to Belgium, Alsace-Lorraine to France, large amounts of eastern lands to Poland, the Memel region to Lithuania, and most of the Schelswig area of the Danish peninsula to Denmark. Germany lost all of her overseas colonies as well. It also forced Germany to limit their army to 100,000 men, and forbade them certain types of weapons common to modern armies. The worst part of all was that Germany was made to assume all the guilt for the war, and forced them to pay an amount of war reparations unspecified at first, then set around 33 billion gold marks(Cowley). “World War One: Treaties” says that the peace terms imposed upon the defeated countries, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Bulgaria, seemed to them to be unfair and unjust punishments.
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