The Park New Jersey Is Best Known For Its Beautiful Beaches And Nightlife On The East Side

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Asbury Park New Jersey is best known for its beautiful beaches and nightlife on the east side. This is all you recognize because this is all that is ever shown of Asbury. To the people who live on the west side, it is much different. These people see poverty stricken streets, hungry children, and crime all hours of the day. The west side of Asbury Park is overlooked by the municipal officials and gets little attention from other towns. Food insecurity is a growing concern in Asbury as well as other parts of the world. Food insecurity is defined as “the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.” In other words, it means that people do not know where their next meal will come from. Even…show more content…
A day care like approach, allows parents to go to work and gives the children a place to stay to receive the meal. The Boys and Girls Club has a 5-element formula for impact: 1. Safe positive environment, by doing so the organization has a positive impact on children’s social and emotional growth. 2. Fun, giving the kids a fun place to stay encourages them to come back time after time. 3. They provide supportive relationships. It is not run like a dictatorship or a jail, the kids develop relationships with counselors creating lasting bonds that create trust in the organization. When trust is developed, counselors can have a more efficient and effective positive impact. 4. They provide opportunities and higher expectations for the children to create a higher standard to learn and live by. 5. The consistent recognition the children get when they succeed, celebrating the kids and their milestones to give them a great feeling of pride (Eagles). The Boys and Girls Club primarily works with children ages six to twelve years old. This insures the future of Asbury has the right attitude for growth and progression of the town.
The Trinity Church in Asbury Park runs a soup kitchen that serves approximately 450 bags of food per week (Trinity). The organization gives its guests the feeling of security, friendship, and humanity, and treats the people like guests rather than homeless people. The church acts as a haven for the town where anyone can go to

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