The Parking Lot, Mont And I Got Into His Porsche

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In the parking lot, Mont and I got into his Porsche. When he started the engine, Avant 's Read Your Mind made its way through the speakers. The smooth voice of the singer gave me chills. Then Mont took my hand and held it gently. As he backed up out of the parking space with one hand on the steering wheel, I looked in the direction of my car. I wondered if we were going to his house or a nearby hotel. My question was answered when he pulled onto the interstate and took the next exit ramp. The signs for lodging had four hotels listed Staybridge Suites, Holiday Inn, Candlewood Suites, and Best Western. My heart thumped as the sweet music continued to play. After holding Mont’s hand, I was ready to give it up. I couldn’t wait to be alone with…show more content…
After he swiped the card in the door, a green light flashed, and we entered the room. The set up was usual. A king size bed, television, microwave, mini fridge, small table, vanity area, and full bath. I started taking off my shoes, and Mont did the same. When I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down over my hips, he watched me. I gave him a little smile and took off my blouse next. “Come here,” he commanded, as he stood up with a very erect penis. I walked over and embraced him. His lips tasted like the peppermint drink he drank back at the coffee house. Then we fell onto the bed and slow grinded on one another until we couldn’t take it anymore. As he fondled my private areas, my thoughts ran wild. My bangles clinked as I reached down and guided his thick erection into my wetness. Damn, I don’t ever remember it feeling this good, I thought to myself as I wrapped my legs around his lean body. I felt so good; I felt like drooling. I called for Mont as he slowly savored every plunge into my juicy love box until my cell phone rang. Mont stopped moving for a moment, and I stopped moaning. “I should get that; it may be you know who,” I said, as I rolled my eyes. “No, I think that you know who can wait,” he said, with a serious face, then he started to grind slowly against me again. Just as I was about to climax the phone went off again, and I got worried. “Mont, I really need to get that. Something maybe wrong with Tia,” “Alright,” he said as he withdrew
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