The Parking Space At Magnolia Medical Center

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1. Events : We were playing a game called (Parking in the City) at the third class meeting by divided to different groups. Each group consisted of two students and should fill some parts in their paper to negotiate Part (A Employee & B Garage attendant) there were Target Point, Resistance Point, BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement) and ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement), which I was the employee. After that students who had picked part A or B should discuss about what they would talk and find out how they could peruse the different side. My part A as Employee that I worked at Magnolia Medical Center, which I reserved after a reservation from a restaurant in the downtown. My case was that use the parking space at Magnolia Medical Center because the restaurant is a few minutes’ walk from, so I parked my car there but after I had finished my meal I shocked that I must pay fee with $30 that I should not pay any fee as an employee at Magnolia Medical Center and the ideal would be to pay $0 even there were change in my pocket or to pay less than $30. In my opinion, I was unsure in the beginning that if I could negotiate with the garage manager because I used to be a calm person and in this situation there were cars behind me, while I was talking with the garage manager. However, each side tried to convince the other side based on its own thoughts. 2. Emotions : Actually, I have enjoyed playing with my classmates, as my feeling was full of happiness for the second

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