The Parthenon Of Books

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The Parthenon of Books by Marta Minujin is, probably, one of the most remarkable concepts that the contemporary art has witnessed. However, at first sight, the creation is not as special, since its structure precisely replicates the Parthenon of Athens, an architectural masterpiece built in the fifth century BC. The edifice is essentially built just with thousands of books and steel structures. All the books completing this masterpiece have been inserted into plastic tires/envelopes to protect them from capricious weather conditions, and then fixed with clear foil to the temple’s frame, which is made of steel. The Parthenon (the columns in particular) is artificially enlightened at night, while during the day, the sun powerfully shines upon it, giving the creation an imposing nature.…show more content…
This is her second work of this kind, after she has built a similar one in Buenos Aires (her native city)
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