The Parting Breath Of The Now Perfect Woman

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Lebanese Author Sandra Chami Kassis said, “Don’t brag about being perfect… imperfections are what make you attractive” (online). Most people believe that their imperfections make them much less attractive which may cause them to develop diffidence and insecurities. Generally, when people think of imperfections they think of physical features such as a facial birthmark, a narrow nose, thin hair, and big feet, but why do people spend so much time focusing on those things that set them apart from others? It is believed by many that everyone on earth is born with a specific plan and purpose created for them, and with that purpose must come the substantial appearance of individuality which will inevitably include bodily flaws. In his essay, “The Parting Breath of the Now-Perfect Woman,” Chester McCovey discusses the underlying meaning of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “The Birthmark” in hopes of enlightening readers that all people have imperfections. In today’s society, people try so hard to look identical to those who are held on a high pedestal for being beautiful that some even resort to changing their body parts such as their lips and waist-lines as means to remove or “fix” any visible imperfections, taking away their individuality. It is vital for everyone to embrace their imperfections and learn who they truly are in spite of them; therefore, parents must teach children that their imperfections make them who they are as individuals. It is not uncommon to see celebrities
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