The Partition Of India And India

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1. The Partition of India is the separation of India that occurred in 1947. This all began as anticolonial elites in the Indian National Congress Party began to negotiate about a peaceful transfer of power from the British. WWII caused a crisis in relations between the British, the Muslim League, and Indian National Conference (Hindu-dominated). Ghandi was the leading figure of the INC. He advocated for a unified Hindu and Muslim Indian, but other officials however disagreed about what kind of independent state India should have. The Hindus were the majority, and the Muslims were the minority. There was much debate about which culture would define the new nation. Up until this point it was the Hindu culture that defined Indian culture. In 1946 riots broke out between the Hindus and Muslims, and the leader of the Muslim League demanded that British India be partitioned into separate Muslim and Hindu states. So in order to avoid a civil war, colonial rulers decided to divide the subcontinent in two parts: India and Pakistan. On August 14th, 1947 Pakistan gained Independence from Britain and one day later India did as well. Unfortunately after this newfound independence violence broke out. It is estimated that 1 million Hindus and Muslims killed one another. As a result of the violence, 12 million Hindus and Muslims left their homes to relocate in the new countries where they would be majority. On January 30, 1948, Gandhi was assassinated for his support of a

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