The Party System Is Not The Best System For America

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Although America has long been a bipartisan government, it would be more beneficial to move to an open multi-party system to give Americans more choice in its elections, and more political diversity. Third-party running candidates in America are always a possibility, but are majorly overshadowed by the already well established Democratic and Republican party candidates. Many Americans would prefer an alternative to our current system, but are either bullied into conforming to it, or are convinced that third-party is a waste of a vote. One of the main reasons we stick to either Republicans or Democrats is because it is familiar and we oppose change. The two-party system is not the best system for America and could be improved upon greatly.. America currently has a two-party system. This means that there are only two major political parties that bear any significance when it comes to electing leaders in congress and office. Almost all political figures belong to one of these parties. The two political parties are nearly in complete opposition of each other. This creates a two-sided war where each member of either political party thinks the other members of the opposing party are completely wrong. The current system doesn’t allow enough diversity in people’s political views. The two-party system began to emerge in 1824, just before the civil war. The two-party system started out as the Whigs and the Democratic-Republicans. Whigs being more like today 's Republicans and
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